Mexican Margarita

After our trip to Mexico, we realized the simplest ingredients make the freshest tasting margaritas. After making these, you'll realize how the margaritas you order out here are way too sweet!


Summers call for refreshing drinks. We love mojitos because of the potted mint that is always ready for a trim.

ChrisGin Grey

I created this drink based on a drink by the same name promoted at the dinner theater during the opening weekend of Fifty Shades of Grey. Enjoyed them during our girls' weekend trip!


ingredients 12-oz can limeade frozen concentrate 1 can tequila, filling limeade can from above 1 can 7-Up, or other lime soda 1 bottle Corona beer   preparation Mix and serve over ice with fresh lime slices. Serve right away so it is fizzy.   yields 10-12 servings   source Friend

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